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Black Bayou Lake

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Black Bayou Lake is a 5300 acre refuge providing habitat for waterfowl, endangered wildlife, neo-tropical migrants, and resident wildlife. Located within the city limits of Monroe, the refuge provides easily accessible opportunities for local residents to spend time in nature as well as options for fishing and hunting. A variety of habitats are represented at the refuge. Bottomland hardwood forests provide habitat for a variety of species including prothonotary warblers. A cypress swamp showcases the stereotypical Louisiana of swamps and bald cypress that shelter a variety of species from broad-banded water snakes to a multitude of frogs. The 1600 acre lake provides a variety of recreational opportunities including fishing and canoeing. Through a strong environmental education program, we also serve as a destination for field-trips for local students. A variety of interpretive programs provide opportunities for visitors to learn more about the ecosystems represented at the refuge. The lake is the back-up water source for the City of Monroe and is managed under a 99 year lease by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure water quality.