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Mayor Friday’s Funroe Favorites

How Do You Monroe? Check Out Mayor Friday’s Funroe Favorites!

We are excited to share Mayor Friday’s Funroe Favorites, offering a glimpse into his Monroe experience. As he reflected on his upbringing growing up in Rayville, Mayor Friday reminisced,

“As many of you know, I grew up in Rayville and made my way to Monroe like many people do in our region through work and school. I️ even met my wife there as well! It really shaped my life and my career. I️ found it very important to get connected immediately within this community, because as I looked around and saw so many people active in the City of Monroe, it really was a testament to our people. Many years later, as a business owner, I got to be connected with other people who are really making their dream into a reality. This spurred me into public service. It was the ability for me to operate in a larger capacity, and to really create a place that our children want to stay.”

A day in Mayor Friday’s life kicks off with coffee from local favorites like CC’s Coffee House or Standard Coffee Co. Family is at the core, with morning routines involving dropping his daughter off at school. He emphasizes the importance of family time, sharing, “Every night we still sit at the dinner table. My father-in-law lives with us and every single night we get to talk about his day as well. It is a special opportunity to be able to have that other family member there. As you know, my wife was an elected official and she’s in education. I think it gets fun around the dinner table. Our kids always ask “Dad, do we always have to solve the world’s problems?” It is a good way for them to understand, and to look back one day to see that mom and dad saw that their community and state was worth fighting for. They got in the arena and they are doing the hard work. That’s what a day in the life of the Mayor looks like.”

Mayor Friday’s workdays are diverse, filled with meetings, community outreach, and problem-solving. He adds, “Two days are never the same. It’s filled with highs, and sometimes there are lows.” Despite the challenges, the Mayor finds inspiration in meeting people and hearing their stories of Monroe—”hearing their favorite things about Monroe—gives me hope and direction.”

When asked what he wished more people knew about Monroe, he expressed his love for the community and its unique aspects, stating, “I wish people knew just how creative and talented people are within our community. I meet so many young, inspired, and talented people. Talking about Funroe Favorites—Whether it is an artist or musician, we have special people here and it is a special place. I’m excited for others to share their Funroe Favorites and what makes their   experience in our community so unique.”

A special thanks to Mayor Ellis for sharing what makes Monroe so special to him. Be sure to explore funroefavorites.com to learn more about all the amazing experiences Monroe, Louisiana has to offer.






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